Hi, welcome to this site…

I am an artist living and working here in Auckland City, New Zealand.

I dont know what that means or what my work is about. I once thought I knew, however now I dont have the foggiest idea. As my work doesn’t mean anything to me…. it’s totally devoid of hope and reasoning… and I really dont know what I am doing or why, though I know that if it makes me laugh or cry it is doing something and that makes me happy.

This site essentially symbolises and markets the last 4 years of essentially not making any significant art production and how this is now going to change.

I hope to make this a regular on going presentation of my work, thats if the guy I met in the Wine Cellar is wrong as he told me I would die in 2 years. This was his way of saying, “If you only had two years left to live, what would you do? But the way he worded it made him came across as a bit of a dick….

I’m interested to meet up with other artists and potentially collaborate, so please say hi if you are interested in my work.

Thanks for visiting …Please feel free to leave a comment or message me…and I hope that you enjoy your visit … guess my work has meaning after all… 🙂





My previouse bio read as follows…

Jarad Bryant is a New Zealand artist currently based in Auckland.

His performative and process-based works reflect his interests in the seemingly “none” or “overlooked” aspects that he finds in manufactured structures, his every day life and personal interactions.

His compositions incorporate or mimic found objects or interactions and can also involve more traditional mediums even if somehow misused.

Whilst aiming at a utopian existence, Bryant’s work inevitably fragments into disparate reactions that are sometimes failed attempts at removing himself from the object making process.

“The other day when I was walking

through the woods, I saw a rabbit

standing in front of a candle making

shadows of people on a tree”.

Stephen Wright

Born in Auckland NZ he emigrated to England in 1973 to live in Bristol with his family. During this time traveled regularly around Europe. Returned to NZ via the USA1980. Lived in Wellington for 7 years. In 1988 recognising art to be his direction he was accepted into Elam School of Fine Art, Auckland, studied printmaking and graduated in 1992 with a BFA.

He has exhibited and been represented by various galleries over the past 21years including‘Room 103’ & ‘RM’ Auckland, ‘Test Strip’ Auckland, ‘Fiat Lux’ Auckland, Farari Auckland, ‘Studio Gallery’ Auckland,  ‘Artspace’ Auckland, ‘Mary Newton Gallery’ Wellington, ‘Hamish Mckay’ Wellington, ‘The Dowse’ Wellington, ‘Leslie Kreisler Gallery’ New Plymouth, ‘Waihekie Public Art Gallery’ and the ‘Tauranga Public Art Gallery’ Tauranga.

Jarad also tutors art, illustrates, is a digital musical composer and musician, his band are called New Hang Ups (  https://newhangups.bandcamp.com/ ) and This Emotion.


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