Thanks for that scream Chino.. Thank god I wore panties or I would have just slide off my chair. yyummmmm
  • Nothing is closed to you.
    Nothing is closed off from you.

    You’re not inside anything, so you can’t get out.
    You’re not outside yourself, so what is, “Go within”?

    • An idea about an inside and an outside of life, perhaps?
    • yes
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    • beautiful Kari
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    • Knock, knock…
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    • Even that phrase, ‘look within yourself’ is flawed. Lovely pointer
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    • Why is nothing closed off to or from me? Is it not possible for me to be nothing?
    • If you are aware of you, how could you be nothing? 
      How would you know you’re nothing?
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    • If the awareness of “me” is not me, then the “real” or truth of me is other than my perception. There must be that which I dont know I dont know. The “view” of consciousness is not the possibility of perception it allows… If it was the the possibility would be limited.
    • Can you repeat that in English, please?
    • John Mirra How could there be something which you don’t know that you don’t know?
      How could there be anything that you don’t know?See More
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    • ‘perfectly timed’ OP…
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    • Why would I need to know what I dont know? In terms of my perception and awareness of the potential fiction I have created as myself and my surroundings… all predicated on the notion or foundation that I am aware and conscious of what I know…maybe in this state I am not able to become truly aware of that which I am not aware. In other words my awareness of what I perceive may keep me in a particular state of reality. If I believe I always know what I know … then how do I know I am not simply repeating the same scenario of “knowing” in perpetuity. In other words all I know is what I already know. If as it may be, what I know I know does not exist.. even if I think it does… then what? That which I dont know I dont know may or will never be known to me. Still that which I dont know I dont know must exist as a possibility. Maybe it would make more sense or have meaning if I said.. That which I am not aware that I am not aware…
Denise Foveaux

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Wot is the deal on reality anyway? Alain (my rock, my touchstone) is a sceptic.
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  • Jarad Bryant A sceptic… does this mean Alain doesn’t believe in reality?
  • Denise Foveaux  – yup – he’s a bit of a solipsist – until I pinch him – hard!
  • Jarad Bryant – Maybe reality is indeed made up of everyones separate minds.. though maybe that creates a new reality or shared reality… is your punch his reality or your reality? If its his reality why does he want a sore arm? it would seem to me that the wind has a reality… I class its expression as soft or strong, warm or cold…. is my ability to experience the wind the wind itself? I dont think so… but my personal experience of it unlimitedly guides wether or not I put a jumper on…
  • Denise Foveaux – yeah cool – Jarad I’m grokking on your Jungian-come-Sheldrake thinking. Alain is totally extreme. I’m tiring of his onanistic ontology. If he thinks I’m going to change the formaldehyde in his vat he can think again!
  • Jarad Bryant …that is hilarious!!
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  • Jarad Bryant I mean, obviously its a very serious topic and everything… but yeah sometimes lines need to be drawn…
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